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  1. I have transitioned to Affinity from Adobe. And one small thing that does not go smooth is quickly switching between Text tool to Move tool (pointer) through the shortcut. Since I have to do this very frequently I decided to ask simply: What's the best way? In InDesign I simply clicked on the corner of the text tool to mark it or outside the text frame, and then used the shortcut. This is not working in Affinity, as it constantly creates new text frames when clicking. Same problem when being inside a text frame, and I want to mark several layers. The issue is really getting out of the text frame mode quickly, and here I cannot click in the corner of the text frame to mark it, and being able to mark other layers. I'm using Affinity Publisher for Mac.
  2. I was getting more convinced of purchasing Affinity Publisher, until I accidentally found out there are no footnotes function. That's very surprising. Are there any other vital features missing, comparing to InDesign?
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