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  1. To add on that: I am currently experiencing the same bug with AP 1.8.1: The new version works perfectly with RAW-images now, but with JPEGs (using the "Edit in"-method) it shows this error-message when saving back to Apple Photos: "Editing with "Edit in Affinity Photos" failed. An unexpected error occurred." [screenshot in German language] I wonder whether this might be a problem with the German localization? Sorry, that's only a theory without any programming-background. It's just because so many users have stated that the Apple-Photos-bug was completely resolved for them and "JPEGs" and "German version of AP" is the only connection I see between Uwe (post above) and me.
  2. Adding to others who have stated that AP 1.8.1 did not solve this bug: For me, it does work with RAW-images now, but not with JPEGs. Using the "Edit in"-method, I get this error message (screenshot in German language, sorry for that) when saving back in Apple Photos: ["Editing with "Edit in Affinity Photos" failed. An unexpected error occurred."]
  3. I have questions concerning how to use Affinity with Apple Photos in the best possible way. Note (1): I am new to this forum and not firm with this language, so sorry for all mistakes I make. Note (2): I am still using MacOS High Sierra, so I am currently unaffected to that Catalina-Bug of the AF-Extension. I am using Affinity Photo with Apple Photos for a while now, taking the path via "Edit"->"Edit in Affinity Photo". I noticed, that my Apple Photos library added massively in space since then: My original library containing 8000 photos (all JPEG) maybe is around 40-50GB, but after editing ca. <1000 of these pictures, the library now contains close to 500GB, so ~10x more. Taking a close look to my what my Apple Photos library-package contains, this gain in space is mostly caused by a dozen "recovery.rem"-folders inside the "resources" folder. Two additional observations: Sometimes Apple Photos says it scales down photos after saving back from Affinity- sometimes not. Sometimes edits are saved when I click on "Edit in Affinity Photo" again- sometimes not. I am aware of the fact, that compressed pictures get much larger when edited in AP. Nevertheless I started to ask myself, whether I do something wrong. Therefore I wanted to ask users more experienced using Affinity with Apple Photos: (1) Is this massive gain in space (due to "recovery.rem"-folders) normal? (2) Are there any preferences in Affinity or Apple Photos to prevent/minimize this effect? (3) What causes Affinity to save/recognize its own edits when clicking on "editing" again?
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