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  1. Wow, interesting stuff, but WAY over my head. So, as the OP can anything here help me with 3 chapters worth of references that all include links? Thanks!
  2. I guess it does actually work on export to a PDF. Many of the links were broken during the cut and paste process and none of the link took on the industry standard look, blue underlined. Can this be added as a Style? All links have a style different from the body text?
  3. I cut and pasted the entire resource/references text section from a PDF with active links into Publisher but all the links become DOA. Publisher should recognize all http:// or https:// as links and make them clickable in exported PDFs. Why does this not work? Am I missing something? What's a workaround? Example entry: 1. Hartsel, J. A., Boyar, K., Pham, A., Silver, R. J., & Makriyannis, A. (2019). Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: Cannabinoid Therapies for Animals. In Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine (pp. 121-155). Springer, Cham. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kyle
  4. I uploaded the requested files. In the examples I included it seems that Apple's default PDF view, Preview, does not show correctly, although the thumbnails look fine.
  5. I want to sample a larger area, 1 pixel is not giving me a usable sample. Trying to sample the gray background of a photo and set the facing page the same color. I need a larger sample are, how do I increase the size?
  6. I can't right now, but I'll put together a public doc. It's seems to be the Presets that are making a mess of this. If I don't select any Preset, it works, probably because everything is getting flattened and converted to CMYK, or at least it looks like it's getting converted by the color shifts. I'm working in sRGB and want to export a PDF for web (sRGB) but so, far, I can't do that.
  7. I used a Live Filter to sharpen an image in Photo (From Publisher, I have all 3), went back to Publisher to export as a PDF, sharpening was ignored. If I sharpen (the actual photo) and export to PDF it's better, but not what I see in Photo. The PDF is still a little soft. What's going on behind the scenes?
  8. Very new to Affinity, purchased all three. Been working in Publisher laying out a magazine style doc, then went to export what I have to PDF and everything fell apart. I choose PDF - Print and deselected bleeds. The software can't be this buggy, can it? I'm really hoping I've got something set wrong. See attached files. 1 is just text wrapped around a transparent PNG, 2 is drawings done in Designer (from Publisher). Please help! People are waiting to see progress...
  9. I made the unfortunate mistake of clicking on a Brush Style while working a simple illustration, then found there was no way to go back to NONE removing the style, other than undo, undo etc... There must be a better way? Thanks.
  10. I’m trying to figure out how to feather a brush, or add feathering to a current brush. The hardness/softness control doesn’t work as expected, if like most professionals, you’re coming from photoshop. 100% soft is not soft at all when using a basic brush, there is still a hard edge between stroke and empty. I especially use a feathered brush when painting masks to blend 2 objects. Please explain how to add feathering to a brush, if this is possible, meaning I’ve missed something. If it’s not possible please, please, for all the professionals coming from photoshop, add this feature imm
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