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  1. Of what? I exported to PDF, and took the PDF to the printer on a thumb drive. The PDF export panel you mean?
  2. This may have to be put down to the actual printer, but I would prefer it to be more definite. I did export as PDF with printer's marks, and they appeared to all be correct. But I have a hard time believing in a printer that stretches the print a quarter inch in one direction only. I have never seen such a thing before, and I have used that same printer several times.
  3. I have a folder layout with three panels across one US 8 1/2 x 11 page, landscape, 1/4" gutters/borders. On screen, it shows up as perfectly aligned and centered. When printed out from PDF as a check print, it is too wide, it seems OK on the left gutter, but is almost bleeding over on the right. The two inside gutters are also shifted over from where they should be. But it is not an overall scale factor issue, since the top and bottom spacing is correct. Only the width scale or width positioning is off, and it is off quite a bit, not quite the full 1/4" gutter, but most of it. I know there is a slight error inherent in the copier style printers, so that money cannot be easily copied or printed, but this is more than that amount of error. On screen (I am using inch units) the center column starts just left of the 4" ruler mark, and the right column is barely left of the 7.5" mark, which would be correct. the left and right gutter look correct. This is very difficult to diagnose, since it looks fine and shows no alignment issues on-screen. I don't know if it is an issue with the output or the printer. I printed the check prints from PDF output at a regular quick printing place, which I have used before and never have seen the issue, printed on the same machine which I have used before.
  4. I got it done, not the "right" way, but it got done, and I can mess around later getting things done the "right" way. The next piece of literature I do I will do with styles. No time this time. Thanks. I'll probably have more stupid questions later.
  5. That , and also a view of the screen with a pointer and description for the various dropdowns..... I read "go to the XXXXX panel", to do something, but the name is not what I would have called it, and is not even named on-screen, so you may look at the thing itself, and not realize that is where you SHOULD be. Affinity is not alone with that.... too easy to write the manual for folks who know how to use the program already.
  6. OK, got that when I selected the "multiple"option. But, 1 is not what I want, and "1.5" is too much. The WORST problem is that it affects ALL spacings. Before, as well as internal. I want the internal spacing to be one distance, and the distance between paragraphs to be another. But they seem to be linked up. And, I'd like better than half space increments.
  7. For some reason, I cannot even get that set of options. When I select "paragraph", I see plenty of things but never anything about "leading". I guess that is NOT in "publisher" and does not appear unless one has the other programs?
  8. OK, I see the reply from old Bruce, but I am not sure what he is saying to do. I am a bit confused about the recommended procedure. Can you be more specific? I believe I understand that you are using a line spacing for a different text size, is that correct? If so, how is that obtained? Like the original poster, I have been searching for an actual setting to specify that spacing, and have not found one. I found the spacing between paragraphs just fine, but line spacing seems to be missing or very well hidden. Unfortunately, there seems also to be no search function in the help. And nothing on line spacing seems to be there anyhow. Thanks for any help.
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