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  1. I’m working in a small group of objects and when I move an object, it jumps to another group. The group it moves to is “Locked”. I even tried creating a Locked layer (for the rest of my design) and the moved object still jumps into that layer. Please see attached video. Thanks. IMG_0501.MOV
  2. I want to ADD all objects in a group but it doesn’t work unless I select each object individually. Selecting by group works for moving, duping or changing color - for example - but not for any object manipulation. ‘Anyway to do this? Thanks
  3. I see what was going wrong. With my app palette active, I was tapping “Add Global Color’ and it would swap my palettes. Is there a way to have Global colors in an App Palette?
  4. Maybe I’m misunderstanding “Application Pallet”, but I’ve created one in a design but when I am in another design, I see the pallet, but it’s empty. Is there something more to do, or is this a bug. I’m on the latest version of iPad. Thanks
  5. Interesting. That solved it. I also found in the EXPORT persona that there is a Transformation option - which had a few extra pixels to the art board size. I suppose TRANSFORMATION and LAYERS in the EXPORT persona would allow you to specify targeted layers or location on the Artboard without having to change your designing space. many thanks to Walt.
  6. Walt, I had to move to the desktop AF (gave the same results) and grab pics because the AF forum wasn’t responding on my iPad. The 5304.9 pixel was the horizontal placement - not the size. In that same screenshot, you’ll see it’s size is 1800x1800.
  7. I have an Artboard that is 6" x 6" (1800 pixels square) but when I export, AF is adding a few pixels to the left side. It's a Texture Pattern so when I multiply the images, I see a white void on the left side (see screenshot #1). I've confirmed my Artboard size & content locations and also confirmed this "resize" in a photo editor - I see that the width is now 1803 pixels (see all remaining screenshot). I've tried various resolutions and also creating as PDF and I get the same result. Any ideas? thanks, 1_Pattern Matchup.jpg (result of repeated pattern) 2_Artboard Artboard Edge.jpg (confirmed that there is no white space in Artboard/Contents 3_Artboard Size.jpg (confirmed size of Artboard is 6x6 (1800 px sq) 4_Content Size-Location.jpg (confirmed Contents are flush left) 5_Photo Editor Pic Size.jpg (confirmed JPG Export is larger)
  8. There are no pixel layers or gradients in my document. All content is vector, single color no stroke objects. I'll repeat my steps. I create a palette from the document. I see multiple "reds" of the same hue. My objective is to have one "red". I create a new object (not present when palette was created) and fill that object with one the reds that I want to find. Presumably, the Select Same will find my new object and all other objects that it "thought" was present when it created the Palette. After "Select Same" - only the NEW object is found/Selected. That's my problem. The "Create Palette" said that "Red.1" would in the doc, but after creating a NEW object, "Red.1" was not found in the hundreds of objects/reds that the "Create Palette" reported to be in the doc. Either "Same Select" is not working or "Create Palette" is reporting bogus reds. To determine if "Create Palette" is bogus, I would have to check hundreds of objects to see if the "red" I'm trying to find is truly in the doc or not. I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone else has had this problem. thanks
  9. I'm trying to reduce the number of colors in my document. There are several "reds" that are close in tone and I want to reduce it to one swatch. To do this, I created a Swatch Pallet from document. I then created a NEW object and filled it with the one of the unwanted "reds". In theory - when I choose "Select Same/Fill" I should have a selection of the existing "red" (as found in the "Swatch Pallet from Document" AND the object I just created and filled with that color - Right? No. After Select Same/Fill - AF only selects the new object. ?? AF found the unwanted "red" when it created the pallet, but did not find it when "Select Same / Fill". Just a thought - does "create pallet from document" also grab existing swatches? thanks,
  10. OK - so Gobal Colors have finally come to the iPad. But... I created the GC's when working on the Desktop app. When I opened the design on my iPad, they were not there. I viewed "Recent Colors" and I could see my GC's (with the little triangle in the lower right corner) but - when I switched the Palette to "Global Colors" - empty! I even found the GC's in the "Document" palette, but I'm unable to EDIT the color. What's the deal?? Is this a bug or another "lesser feature" on the iPad version? thanks
  11. My design has missed the boat on creating a Global Color. I have hundreds of objects (nested in groups) that I want to change the color. From what I read and test, I can only globally change colors if 1) I create a Global Color 2) fill my object with that GC color - now that object has the "magic" to change. As I said, I'm way down the road and want to "bless" my objects with a GC that I can play with/change. Is there any way to accomplish this? Drilling into each group, selecting my target and making it a GC color is not an option. Please Help! I have both iPad & Desktop (PC) but work primarily on iPad - so a resolution on either device is welcomed
  12. So AF had no response to this issue? I face the same/similar problem. I use AF to create designs that are destined for use in a cutting machine. I find that no matter how clean (minimal groups/layers) I keep my design, the resulting AF SVG has each object in it's own group. This causes failures when I import into the cutting software. I end up having to import the AF SVG into Illustrator to clean it up - an then it's successful with the cutting software. What's the point of this workflow? I like AF for iPad because I easily can work anywhere. But with AF's convoluted export workflow - I'm forced to use my desktop Illustrator. Am I missing an Export process or is AF just not aware?
  13. It is now documented my numerous users that this is a fateful bug. And, Affinity has not responded so take that a their response to addressing it. STOP USING THE SAVE OPTION IN THE DOCUMENT. I have and I no longer lose my work.
  14. La Sorry for your loss. I’m extremely surprised that Affinity is mute to this issue. At the very least, remove SAVE in the file leaving the only option for the SAVE that actually works.
  15. From the responses I’ve gotten, I don’t think affinity is going to fix it since there is the alternative to SAVEing in the Gallery. If Affinity is not going to fix, they should remove the option (albeit false) to SAVE in the doc.
  16. I'm finding that my prints from Designer for iPad are enlarged. My tests of a 1 x 7 (inch) object prints at 1+ x 7.125". When printing through my Designer PC app, there is no issue. Only through the iPad. Since I can't control the printer (HP 9010) settings on the iPad - how an I control this? thanks
  17. I’m working in the iPad version. IOS 14.0.1 Designer v1.8.6.1 I’m finding that saving a file from within the design doesn’t always work. I have to jump out of the design to the gallery view and SAVE there. Very annoying and distressing to find that SAVE is unreliable.
  18. I primarily work on an iPad. I save files to my NAS using the FILE BROWSER app to access. Generally, this is not a problem. I just purchased the Windows version. When I open the file on Windows, I do not see the latest version. I compare date stamps when I open on iPad (and see latest updates) and they match the date stamp on file when I open on Windows - but the Windows app does not show updates. I've confirmed that the file does not exist in the Affinity folder on iPad (just in case I had two versions). Any ideas as to what is going on? thanks
  19. DWright, Thanks for guiding me to the right place for changing increments. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce my stroke size issue. I'll reach out again if it crops up again. thanks,
  20. This all may be by design, but I’m having trouble figuring this out. I created a document and unbeknownst to me, it was set for increments of points. Now I want to change the document dimensions and I can’t figure out how to change to inches. When I go into transform and choose to change the doc size, I select INCHES and my dimension. Upon hitting OK, I’m back at Transform and the measurement is in points. I suspect this is because of the preset increments being points - but how do I change this after the fact. Finally, is this a bug or design - when I want to change the weight of a stroke (set to point) I choose .5 and hitting OK, it jumps to .2 (or some other random number). is this a weird conversion thing? Sometimes it doesn’t even allow me to change point - no action when I hit the stroke measurement. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. I, too, have this problem and request. Sounds like a basic need to have a well rounded Color Picker. I’m surprised there’s no response from Serif.
  22. I'm using the Windows trial and finding that updates I make in a file are not reflected when I open that file in the iOS app. Is that a bug or a limitation to the trial? thanks
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