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  1. A customer of mine used a rather old barcode generator. Meanwhile he uses SVG files. However, it was just an example. The problem also appeared with product images, too.
  2. WAAAAAAAA !!!! You nailed it! :-) Thank you so much - for the detailed explanation and the fix itself! You did a really good job, compliments!
  3. Thanks. Replacing the profile had unfortunately no effect. Rather strange ....
  4. OK. Can you attach yours, please? There was no attachment on your last post.
  5. I ticked 'Convert opened files to working space', but it makes no difference as long as my working space profile is 'Euroscale Coated V2'. As I wrote before, when my profile is Coated Forgra39, then the test doc is converted into Coated Fogra39 and the JPG appears bright white as is should. @GabrielM: The question is: Why is the doc's profile corrupt? All my documents and those of a customer of mine seem to have the same bug. The only things we both have in common and which is not true for the testers here is: We both have a multiple monitor setup with an external 3rd party screen (Non-Apple, but LG and HP). Is there a way to reset or delete AD's color profile information?
  6. When changing the doc profile to Coated Fogra39, the RGB bitmap is imported correctly. On my machine, the doc background and the bitmaps's white both sample to CMYK 0 0 2 0. Both appear bright white, as they should. I still believe it is some profile and / or multiple monitor related bug.
  7. For the developers reading this: Doing the same procedure in Affinity Publisher works perfectly, even in the AD Persona.
  8. Looks like this is only a part of the problem: When I assign the profile Coated Fogra 27, the background samples to CMYK 0 0 0 0, but the test jpg is still yellowish.
  9. It is the same I see here, when I create a new doc with EuroScale Coated V2.
  10. Looks like something AD writes to the file, when it is created: The sample created by mac_heibu works fine at my machine. My test file with the same settings shows on Hangman's machine a background with CMYK 0 1 4 0 and does not work on my machine.
  11. My monitor profile is the standard one, which comes with the iMac. The test doc IS created with the same settings as the working sample. Can we compare the color settings in AD, please ? See screenshot attached.
  12. Thanks for testing. Now things get more weird: Your sample doc works perfect. All files I drag onto your doc are rendered perfectly. Now I create a new doc, with the same settings: Profile Euroscale Coated VS, CMYK/8 and I run into the same issue again. BTW: The barcode has been created by a customer of mine. He has the same issue on his machine. So there must be something else different on your machine and ours here. Just a guess: Do you have an external monitor attached to your Mac? If so, is it an Apple or 3rd party product? Which macOS do you run ? There are color profile issues mentioned in the forum, which are related to external monitors.
  13. That's exactly the same I did. I even tested it again, the result is still yellowish.
  14. > The issue though is that the test.afdesign file doesn't have a 'white' background, as you say if you sample it, it has the values CMYK 0, 1, 4, 0 IMHO this is the result of assigning EuroScale Coated V2 as a doc profile.There all the trouble begins.
  15. @mac_heibu: The original file is attached to my 1st message. It IS a color conversion or profile issue: I have loaded the original RGB jpg into the Apple ColorSync Tool and assigned the EuroScale Coated V2 profile. After this, the output is a CMYK jpg wich shows in perfect white in AD. So the problem seems to be color profile handling or conversion in AD.