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  1. Looks like it is fixed in - you guys rock :-)
  2. Scenario: Affinity Designer 1.6.1 This bug is also present in the latest Beta. Tested under macOS Mojave and macOS Yosemite Symptoms: Text with the "Univers Ultracondensed" font renders underlined words as striked through. The same font renders perfectly under Illustrator CS6, Printworks 2 and other DTP software. A sample archive is attached. Thank you very much, Harald Univers underline problem.zip
  3. This seems to be partially solved under Affinty Designer 1.6: The skin tones are nearly normal, but the white background has a light yellow tone. This also happens when importing images not generated by the screenshot tool. -- Harald
  4. Sorry - I also have to drawback my solution. After restarting, the problem reappeared. Switching forward an back between the graphics engines, cannot reproduce the method which worked before .... So this is a cross-platform issue, wich is still present in the latest version of Affinity Designer. -- Harald
  5. I had the same issue after upgrading to Affinity Designer 1.6 and macOS High Sierra: White backgrounds of imported bitmaps had a yellow touch. The solution: Switch the graphics engine from OpenGL to Metal ! -- Harald
  6. Currently it is only possible to align decimal tabs on a decimal point "." Some languages (e.g. German) use a comma (",") instead. Would be nice to make the decimal divider either variable or use the OS local settings for this. -- Harald
  7. Hi Chris, it turned out, that the info about the ACES profile was wrong. It is just the 1st profile check-marked by default in the Preview App's menu. The profile stored in the screenshot image ist the standard monitor profile "iMac". I also tried placing it in a 32 Bit document. The result stays the same. Maybe some misbehavior on systems with multiple displays ? -- Harald
  8. Same result after reboot without external displays.
  9. I closed Affinity, detached the displays and started AD again. Same result. Maybe they can reproduce with multiple displays on an iMac ....
  10. @ownr: Thanks for the hint :-) The bad screenshot shows the iMac Monitor profile. The other ones show the corresponding display profiles. What I don't understand: Why is the original iMac profile converted to false colours ? Or is it damaged ?
  11. OK .. I am getting closer: AFAIK the screenshot utility embeds the monitor profile into the image. So I tested screenshots from all my displays I have attached to the iMac. My config is Left: HP Display 30" Middle: iMac 27" Right: LG Display 27" The screenshot from the middle screen shows false coiours, but screenshots from left and right display are fine ! All 3 images show the ACES profile embedded, but obviously they contains additional information, which is not displayed. Detaching all external displays and then taking a screenshot shows the same result. It looks like the issue is the iMac's builtin monitor profile ... Any hints ? -- Harald
  12. Looks similar to this issue: I also had exaclty these light yellow effect with other images. Just a guess - The ACES profile was introduced by Apple with El Capitan: https://blog.conradchavez.com/2015/10/27/new-os-x-color-profiles-strengthen-mac-digital-cinema-support/ Maybe it is missing in AD's list because its first installation was before I upgraded to El Capitan and later AD updates relied on the old profile list ?
  13. It also happens, when I set the doc's profile to "Apple RGB" or "Display" Another strange thing: The ACES profile is missing in Affinity Designer's profile list. Maybe that's the reason ?
  14. The display profile is the standard iMac profile. The document's profile is Adobe RGB. Screenshots attached.