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  1. Hello Chris, my steps from today: Downloaded the Beta changed the Colour Management to sRGB tested - all works now. The BlackList file is empty. Changed my colour profile back to what it was - still works. I am attaching my USWebCoatedSWOP.icc in case you care to see it. Switching to Beta until you release it officially. Many thanks, and Happy Halloween!! Katie USWebCoatedSWOP.icc
  2. Hi, the swop profile is what is required by the product packaging printers. Can you provide some info as to what to do now or how to resolve this issue. Please note that we have not manipulated these profiles in any way, nor have we installed anything custom.
  3. Here are mine I do not know which might be a rogue profile. Can you take a look. Thanks
  4. If you find a solution please post. I have exchanged many emails with the Affinity team regarding the problem. They collected the info , but I have not heard of any solution so far.
  5. Hello Chris, I use only the profile presets which are provided with designer nothing custom. Coincidentally I noticed that the CMYK profiles were not available in the document setup - colours tab. I could only change the colour format and then it froze
  6. Hello Chris, My apologies, and thank you for the clarification. The designer did not crash when the colour profile was set to RGB. I was able to access the document setup and change settings as long as I did not try to pick the CMYK profile, once I did that it crashed again. I have uploaded the text file as well. Log.txt
  7. We prepare product packaging designs, and the RGB profile is not supported, and the PDF's are not accepted by the printing companies. Please elaborate if I do not seem to understand what you mean. As I mentioned we had no such issue with the previous versions. The log.txt file is empty. Thank you, Katie Log.txt
  8. Hello Chris,'I was able to upload the files you have requested. Hopefully you would be able to resolve the issue. Thank you, Katie
  9. Hello Chris, I have tried the soft reset and it did not fix the problem. This problem started with the last update that we installed. It worked perfectly with the previous updates. There are other issues which cropped up with the last update as well , for example - in designs containing multiple texts, no matter which text you would like to select, the selection goes to the first text line in the layer structure; Elements combined into groups, you can't select unless you unblock ( previously with several clicks the system would select an individual element from the group, not now) All files are affected when I try to select "document set up" even brand new empty files. If you try to change a setting once you have created the the document the system will freeze. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Katie
  10. thank you for your quick response. Here are the details you asked for: W10 – version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1016) AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Driver 21.19.512.0 Affinity is installed on a Lenovo ldeapad 310 laptop 12GB RAM Crash reports are from previous versions, no new ones yet as the software freezes only. Have to exit with Task Manager Interestingly, the new version of Designer 1.8.5 would freeze when opening even simplest .eps files . The same files I have been able to open with the previous version Many thanks again!
  11. Nothing has worked so far. Frustrating! It was the same with the previous update,but at least it worked on brand new created files, now nothing works now. You set your new document and if you want to amend something and click on document setup the program freezes. If you have older file it does the same thing! How do I go around this continuous issue. TX, Katie
  12. hello, my affinity designer stopped working. it completely freezes when you do Start New document or try to modify the size of existing document. cannot minimize, completely frozen. Tried Repair, uninstall / install, no effect. Affinity photo works without issues for now. Running on W10, latest OS updates were done, running latest designer version as well. When closing with Task Manager - an Affinity Designer process is still left running on the background, which I have to kill separately... Removed the latest version - installed previous version - same issue... Ideas how to proceed? Thanks
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