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  1. Ipad 6:th geneteration. Canon Raw files. Chrashes about all the time. I usually can load the photo and do some edits but then it chrashes. One photo can take severall tryes until the app manage to comply. Same problem with HDR developing. Then the photo usually never even loads.
  2. Perhaps I was A bit unclear in my question, sorry Cecil. The Problem was to have all my macros and luts transfered between the ipads IN the affinity app without hassle. I do not have a problem regarding how to save files in different places. And you can’t save an app in files or email. Perhaps I was unclear in my original question. I have two iPads with the affinity app on them. Now, in my home. The problem is that on one iPad affinity photo App is totally empty of my luts and macros that I’ve imported over some time on the app on the old iPad. I know how to get them there manually so I dont need help with that.
  3. Yes I Will keep both iPads. My old ones setting is of course to back all apps upp. Realy only have a few because I use it 95% for affinity photo:) i Will try to do another instalation from the iCloud backup. f. Its worth another try... I did try to delete the app from the new IPad and download it from apstore again, it didn’t do the trick, but perhaps shouldt work anyhow?
  4. Hi! I have installed/saved several macros and luts on my affinity app on my iPad. Are there anyway I could transfer the program to another iPad. my only option seem to be to download the affinity photo app blank and then manually import al of the above again into the new app on the new iPad. This is extremely boring...:-) The backup from iCloud only installed the “empty” app again. any solutions or is it just keep on doing it manually....?
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