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  1. Hey @Sean P Then in that case, I believe a shoutout is in order to @GarryP . I'll create a new document with the adjusted DPI and that should fix the problem then. I was totally oblivious to that. If others have ran into the same problem, hopefully they come across this post. I'll post my findings later on in the day to notify others :). On another note since I have your attention, are there going to be any enhancements for the application on window tablets (2-in-1 laptops specifically)? Tablet mode is understandably lacking compared to iPads for example. It's not deterring my love for the app, but it would make me appreciate it a lot more if there were enhancements there.. and of course increase my efficiency haha
  2. Well regardless, I appreciate your consistent replies in trying to help me. That means a lot and I also learned a few things too! I appreciate it, @GarryP . Might have to just take it under the chin and redo the piece and cross my fingers that it doesn't happen again haha.
  3. The ruler is a fair point. However, if we're talking about a pixel layer resized, when I draw within that said pixel layer shouldn't newly added pixels be consistent with it then? What I don't understand is when I create a brand new document - disregard what the ruler says - produces the pixels that I want/have been using for several other drawings. This is like the 4th time the pixel size switched on me randomly and unfortunately the only time I haven't been able to recover lol. To your point about the pixel layer resize, this may be a clue into what's happening (these are the steps I did to try and fix it): 1. Open a new document -> In this new document, I create a pixel layer and get the 1 pixel that I desire (not "4 pixels per pixel") 2. Copy and paste my Pixel Folder over to this new document created in step 1 -> Now the pixel layer in step 1 produces the "4 pixels per pixel"
  4. Hey @Garryp Oh, on the left is my work. It's just colored in so that could be ignored. To your question: the square on the left is not 1 pixel. One pixel are the ones on the right (or refer to the image I posted with the purple circle around it). Furthermore, if you take a look at the faded square on the left, above the one you pointed out (circled in the blue), you can see that it's comprised of 4 pixels. Essentially, 1 "blue pixel" (square) = 4 "purple" pixels
  5. This is extremely frustrating. I was working on a piece with correct pixel size width of 1, then all of a sudden when I return back to my work, the pixel sizes are off. If you refer to the image, you'll see that the lines at the very top of the image are made up of pixels with a width of 1. The 3 "squares" below are, according to Affinity Designer, the "new" 1-width pixels. If you refer to the top "square", I am previewing it with the Eraser tool and as you can see it is made up of 4 pixels despite the fact that the width is 1 (see the settings). No, I did not draw out the square, I literally pressed on the screen with my stylus once and this is what it produced. --> Oh and this is only happening in a specific document. Creating a new document produces the correct width of pixels, which makes it all the more frustrating. This has happened several times before, seemingly random, so I cannot reproduce it. Please tell me that I'm doing something wrong. I started off liking this application about 6 months ago, but after coming across several bugs - not including this one - on my Windows machine, I'm honestly beginning to consider other options. I couldn't even recommend it to others at this point. Very disappointed right now with this great product that has a lot of potential.
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