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  1. I am using the New Batch Job function on the Ipad version, and it makes no sense. You can either choose a source material for images to be moved/converted -- at which point you hit a brick wall with nowhere further to go. Or you can choose an output folder where you want it all to go -- at which point, brick wall, nowhere further to go. Not sure what possible utility there is for this.
  2. But is there still no way to do a batch save (to icloud) and close (to free up app memory)? The convoluted interfaces for saving/exporting/closing on the ipad are insane. If you have mutliple projects day in and day out that you need to save, Affinity's lack of a grown-up method for dealing with projects is this app's worst failing, imho. Can't believe they haven't worked out user-friendly workflow solutions for this incredibly basic task.
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