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  1. Welcome to the party! I think the hope of some of us on this thread is that as we amass more and more voices we may actually have that voice heard. Of course, others just want to complain. Either way, lots of room at this party.
  2. Why are we talking about vector brushes in a crop to selection forum thread?
  3. Except that users (new ones, especially) are then required to know that this is the way to do things... +1 for this feature. I just imported a SVG, had no control of the creation of the illustration, and am now wishing I could easily select all objects with fill colors of "X" for some quick edits. Setting the file up with global colors from the get go is a ship that has sailed. As has the wish for quick edits.
  4. Thank you, @carl123, that seems to work...and despite the name it appears to work with three selections as well. This will be handy, assuming that Serif really has no interest in implementing this feature natively.
  5. I apologize if this has been covered already, I did not read the entirety of the four pages of comments, though I did read pages 1 and 4. I think the people who are saying "just do this it's so easy" aren't grasping a possible use of "Crop to Selection." Switcheroo is perhaps struggling with the same workflow that I am. Here's how I've used "Crop to Selection" in other apps: Zoom way in on the top left corner Make a rectangular selection where the top-left corner of the selection is the top left corner of my desired crop The bottom right corner of the selection is
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