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  1. Thanks again @MikeW, I am all for spending money where it serves me for the job at hand. However, I am not willing to take a chance on making a purchase that does not serve my objective(s), or takes 100's of hours for me to figure out work-a-rounds to make it work. Btw templates are no longer available for purchase on PP because it has been discontinued, more than happy to purchase APub and a template to get started, but I'm not finding a list of template options online. Again, happy to spend money to further my business, but not willing to throw money around in hopes something will work for me. Cheers!
  2. Thanks @MikeW, the only program I have purchased is PP, I do not have AD, APub, nor InDesign. I'm just looking for a program that has a selection of templates I can choose from so that I do not have to buy a template(s) that ultimately is not going to work for me. Additionally, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars per year on something I am only going to use a few times. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hi, I had previously been using Serif Page Plus X9 to make pdf's for my business, it had templates that were good enough. Now that X9 is no longer, the template options are limited and not very useful to me as I am not a graphic designer. Neither Affinity Designer nor Publisher make mention of templates being available to assist in designing. Any help would be appreciated as I simply need to create somewhat simple pdf's to advertise my businesses services to prospective customers. (i.e. I'm not making multi media catalogs or other perhaps more advanced publications. Thanks, Bobby
  4. Thanks @Alfred I did the 10 day trial however templates are not available to truly test test the products capabilities. Hi @walt.farrell perhaps I incorrectly phrased my objective; I would like to use Page Plus X9 that I purchased on Jan 5, 2017, however it has been discontinued by Serif. What current Serif product can I gain access to without having to purchase a new program? I believe this is a fair request as I had Page Plus for less than 3 years. Thanks!
  5. I bought Page Plus X9 on Jan 5, 2017. It seems I should be now using Affiity, how do I gain access to the download? Thanks, Bobby
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