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  1. An issue that might be creeping up is the number of fonts in use. If you're using an insane number of fonts (shared I think), this issue can happen. I thought it was fixed, but you might have a unique situation. Tech support can definitely help.
  2. All, Haven't seen the save files issue since recent updates on both the macOS and Affinity side. Just give Affinity permissions it needs and all should be well. Thanks again for the help and support and keep up the great work. Cheers, Jon
  3. First - welcome to Affinity! I too made the switch since using Photoshop since 1993. At first my questions were all "how do I do X in AP that I did in PS?" Now PS looks clunky when I see people use it and I realize the AP folks really have a nice way of doing things that make sense. You made a great decision to get a better tool at a reasonable price! As to the selection thing, yes, it is a bit odd that only in AP selections is the drag from center not available. I just tried it in Designer and Publisher (if you EVER did desktop publishing back in the day check it out. After using PS to
  4. Good points, hopefully the folks @ Serif can come up with something reasonable. Maybe a preference or something might work. If anyone else lands here like I did looking for ideas, simply drop guides at the edges of the circle, and use shift to constrain, and drag back over until it is the right size. Not great but works. Cheers!
  5. I'd like to second this as a needed option. It is what I try to do each time, and then do some work arounds. The modifiers are there for a reason. The other ones are good, these are needed as well.
  6. Ok thanks - I think this means that I won't be taking a chance on ShutterStock. Props to Affinity for partnering with Unsplash and the others, BTW.
  7. Hello, I've downloaded an EPS file from ShutterStock during a trial period and am having some issues. Of the 10 files I download, 8 of them work as expected. 1 has transparency issues, but is not a Designer issue. The other one is an EPS file, is supposed to be scalable, and each element should be separated easily and manipulated (that is kinda the point of an EPS from them). This EPS appears to simply have the image cut in three pieces, and not have the art elements distinct. I wrote to ShutterStock support, and they said "We would recommend to use Adobe Illustrator as this might be
  8. Thanks for the info. Agree now that it is not intrinsic to Affinity, but a bigger issue at a deeper level in the OS. My defense for this is simple. Save often and save early. This lets me know if there will be an issue, and a restart or copy/paste/save usually works it out. Thanks everyone!
  9. I do not, I have very minimal apps running at all at once, especially from the App Store. These issues appear on reboot, with Affinity the only app visibly open (an Apache server and other background tasks as well but nothing major). I do think it is Font related somehow though, as when I save pure graphic files it appears to work without issue. It is when the text elements exist when this issue comes up, but only after saving 10-12 documents. I'll check again after the 1.8 upgrade to see if things improve and post the results back here. Thanks again!
  10. Hi @STANDILSTAN - I don't have many fonts installed, < 700, and I move them into the standard locations before installing. But, I think Sandboxing is the issue here .. From another reply by @Leigh, I looked at the Console while using Affinity and when the error was produced. Nothing to do with Fonts, as I searched for ".ttf" and "Font" and other terms. But, I did find several messages which seemed to be relevant. These were logged as the Affinity Photo was failing to write to a file on the Desktop. BTW, it took about 10 tries to get this error, the first few file saves were fine.
  11. Hello, Any progress on this? I've been experiencing the same difficulties. No First Aid yet but don't think that will affect anything since no other applications are affected. I have tried the following fixes: 1 - Add Affinity products to the security preference allowing access to the full drive. This worked for a few minutes. 2 - Quit and restart. This works, but temporary. Same with a reboot as it is the same net effect. 3 - Saving/opening location to local places on the drive, in my home folder or otherwise - location does not matter. This is getting annoying as it
  12. Thanks Gary for the welcome and the advice to check out the beta. Will do and see what is there. Happy New Year and Cheers!
  13. There have been a few posts about changing guide colors, but I wanted to add something to the topic. First, is there any update on adjusting the Guide color in Affinity Photo? Making other accommodations to see the guides really adds unnecessary steps to what should be a simple thing. There is an option to change the guide color for columns, but not for simple guides. Second, dragging guides. When in Develop Persona (which I love) there does not seem to be a simple way to add guides. They need to be added (at least by dragging) before going into that mode. Please correct me if I am w
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