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  1. I'm not saying it's not logical. What I am saying is that I much prefer the way InDesign handles layers, where you can have many items on one layer. Say, all the text or all the photos, and you can hide or lock all those items simultaneously, or close the layer when you don't need to see every single item that's in that layer. It seems that in Affinity Publisher and Designer, the list of Layers has the potential to get ridiculously long.
  2. This week, I viewed nearly all the videos about Publisher and Designer on the Affinity website. My overall impression was favorable. The apps appear to include nearly all the functions of InDesign and Illustrator, and then some. My biggest criticism, however, is how Affinity has set up the Layers panel. There are too many! Every item in the document has its own unique layer. This is crazy! I like my layers to be few, and to be able to have multiple items on a single layer. If I recall correctly, it is possible to "group" items and essentially place them on a single layer, but this should be the default.
  3. In InDesign, in the Paragraph panel, you can add a rule above or below the text and offset it. Using this attribute, it is possible to put a bar of color behind white text. I have uploaded a PDF showing both effects. This is a separate attribute from the underline feature that comes with a font. I am attempting to recreate an InDesign document in Publisher, and came up with a workaround, but it is very kludgy. Paragraph rules.pdf
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