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  1. @Old Bruce, My personal workaround is to create a slice from the background rectangle, which will be useless because it will contain only this rectangle and its children. But then you can draw a new slice, which will snap to the first slice. Second slice will get precise dimensions from the first one, and contain all the visible geometry in this area, which is what you need. After that, just delete the first slice. Ugly process, but does the job.
  2. When you have a complex layout, and want to have a slice containing, for example, one picture in it, you want to draw a slice around it and snap it precisely. | It would be very difficult to use transform panel for that. Also, I know that it is possible select the object and create a slice from it in export persona. But this method creates a layer-dependent slice, which does not allow including objects outside hierarchy branch. Then I cannot have, for example, a separate layer for all picture frames and later switch it off to batch export pictures for printing, when you need no frames. (pictures and frames is just a simplified example, not an actual problem) Simple snapping for layer-independent slices would easily solve all of this.
  3. I found great functionality of Designer in exhibition design, when I can maintain a generic view of a large wall of exhibition, while setting different export scenarios for different parts of general design: Parts must be printed with background and cropmarks in cmyk Parts must be cnc'd or cut without background I always need to maintain a general view for reviews, a small-sized pdf I often need to have parts of general design to use as textures in 3d software. Sometimes in different resolutions. Slices help me achieve this from a single, smartly constructed file, and in theory it is far superior than Adobe's Illustrator. So far, I have two issues with this. It is frustrating to break this workflow in cases where I have to deal with hyphenation. I have to finish-up hyphenated texts of exhibition in another software, and also break the well-maintained general view. It is difficult to get layer-independent slices in precise locations. If you draw a slice manually, snapping weirdly does not work. Precise positions of slices are essential in my case.
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