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  1. GREAT! Worked like a charm right away Thank you very much! Oliver
  2. Hi there, I have an issues when using using dual monitors: If I open a picture on my laptop, everything is fine - I see a "normal" coloured picture. But if I move the window to an attached 2nd monitor, the picture gets reddish. This effect is even more visible when using a black and white picture: It gets realy red.. See attached pictures. One can see the effect when moving the window very slowly from one monitor to the other - when Affinity "is split" (meaning I see one half on the laptop screen, one half on the external screen) the picture is first shown as normal and then suddenly when moving the window further on the part of the picture on the external monitor switches to this reddish look. If I open the picture in another tool and watching it on the external monitor, everything is fine. So it seems as if Affinity applies a special colouring to the photo maybe in regard to the monitor type I use? Setup: Dell Latitude E7240 Laptop, Samsung SyncMaster 2443 Monitor, Win 10, latest Affinity Version Any ideas? Regards, Oliver
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