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  1. I have experienced blurred images in and the version prior. In a multi page document, moving from one page to another, can from time to time result in blurred images in the page being displayed. Zooming the view in or out will result in the blur being corrected. It does not happen often and seems to happen randomly. It has not concerned me, after all, it is beta software. I am running under windows 7
  2. Pauls, I have accepted crashes as part of the risk in using Beta Publisher but build seems to be more prone to crashing. Not only from scrolling as per this topic but also when I use the Text Wrapping panel. Having never submitted a crash report before I am assuming you want the files from the reports folder which is shown in the attached image. Thanks,
  3. I recently installed beta build for windows and still experience crashes just exactly as betachromatic describes.
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