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  1. Having been thinking about moving on from Pageplus X8 for some time now, I find it utterly extraordinary that there is no PPP import function. I automatically assumed there would be and was about to shell out for the new software when I decided I ought to double check. I have used Pageplus since version 2 I think (it arrived on around 12 floppy discs). Looking on Wikipedia this is clearly a widespread concern that isn't limited to a few "awkward" users. I get that it is a completely new program and Serif is trying to move on but really? What incentive do I have to upgrade? I have over 8500 PPP files some of which have migrated from version 2 to 5 to 7 to 11 to X3 to X5 to X8. Is it really too much for a customer to ask to transfer files between the same company's similar software? I think it is utterly appalling and I will continue using X8 until it dies. Even a basic converter would be better than nothing - clearly the demand for it is out there judging by the sheer volume of discontent over the issue. Doesn't exactly breed brand loyalty really does it? Serif, please reconsider your refusal over this issue. Where there's a will, there's a way...
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