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    Howdy. I am a Lutheran pastor, Seminary President (developed online curriculum and teach), former Math teacher, former Naval Intelligence Officer, former analyst at Fortune 100 company. I have been a Mac user since 1990, and a computer user (first was top of the line Fortran IV on IBM 360 computer in college). Obviously I don’t have a lot of extra time, but I also want to keep up with changes in Mac software. I have published stuff since the PageMaker days, later Adobe CS 4 Premier (which I gave to my son/dil/grandkids). I signed up for the beta and worked some with it. And just purchased the software today. I also look forward to the Publisher program, especially since there is not much good quality, unless one goes high end, Adobe or Quark. So, I may come with dumb questions, but gotta ask somewhere. Thanks for the forum.