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  1. Hi Great job with Affinity Designer, we do enjoy working with the program. Still we would like to have a feature to translate a mask into curves. In a way expanding the mask into geometry. As a possibility you could also add a task in Export Persona. It would be very helpful to have a feature just exporting visible curves when exporting. Thanks, Reto
  2. I second that. Why not using the plugin-philosophy for something like this? Does photoshop have bad reputation because of providing the possibility for third party plugins? It just enhances the application. If provided, I find it very useful in each and every application i use, be it 3D modeling, graphics or audio. As context for the serif staff: I'm testing affinity for our company in terms of switching our graphics suite. The lack of functions like this (or for example: batch processing/synchronizing for raw images in Photo) keeps us from doing so. We have many clients to install the applications on and a very restrictive IT policy where everything has to be processed by the admin. Workarounds for tasks by using additional application B for this and and additional application C for that (as discussed in this thread) are therefore a straight no-go in our IT-ecosystem. So please go agile with features like this. I would really propose to release also stuff which is just 80% of perfect in a contained environment like a plugin. This way, you can have a beta feature within a fully functional application. It might even be a fair way for Serif to be paid adequately for more specific features. We WANT to get away from a certain company and Affinity does so many things right. But we have have to keep up our productivity. Please try to get rid of the non-switching reasons on the functions side by flexibilizing the approach.
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