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  1. Will, thank you for responding - Regarding number 7, yes, one can export pages, but not selection. Say I want the bottom half of page 3 and the top half of page 4 Regarding number 9, yes, I just tried a facing page and the spill over only worked on two pages, not to say the third and forth, etc and besides, I usually don't do facing pages Regarding number 6, there should be a way to copy pages X - Y including all layers from one publisher file to another. What I can do is copy text (from linked frames) from one file to another. Maybe I am doing something wrong ? Thank you for responding - Jonathan Liss
  2. I am writing my autobiography. It is about 500 pages long with about 500 images. I was using Microsoft WORD on my MAC until it died. Not the MAC, WORD. WORD simply could no longer manage such a large file. After some false starts and using linked images/frames in Affinity Publisher I have converted the entire document with no issues. Some observations and requests that may have been made by others: 1) Absolutely need an auto numbering mechanism for figures and tables and to cross reference the labels. 2) Absolutely need support of Apple and other emojis. 3) Need to fix dictionary or provide option for other dictionaries 4) There is, I think a bug that is falsely claiming a resource cannot be found and some annoying bugs in and around converting an image to a frame and some bugs in and around tables, especially when trying to insert a new row near the top. 5) Need better documentation on how to remove text frame break 6) Need better mechanism for copying and pasting from one publisher file to another 7) Need a way to select which portions of the file should be exported to a pdf 8 Need a way to compare to files 9) Need a way to set masters so that frame linking from one page to the next can be automatic or a method to automatically link one text frame to the succeeding one. 10) Since each image (figure) ended up being in its own affinity photo file, it would be nice to have a feature that took the file name and superimposed text on the figure using the file name. So for instance if a file was called "Figure 1", that name would automatically be a text layer with the imported or placed image. I am not complaining, just suggesting. Affinity Publisher saved me, although importing was very tedious. The only way I could import accurately was to first only import all the text, then manually import and place each image. I couldn't use a image frame in the master because I didn't necessarily want every page to have an image and I wanted the images to be placed as they appeared in the PDF file generated by WORD. I'm sure there are other observations - these are the ones that come to mind. Thanks - Jonathan Liss
  3. Gabe, thank you for taking the time to provide these examples. I have verified that they work on MAC, I will need to pursue my problem elsewhere. I appreciate your patience. There is a learning curve obviously with this filter. I need to learn now how to set alpha to 0 when R=G=B.
  4. Gabe, I appreciate your response and I understand the math. I was implementing a formula posted in a video by Dave Straker who often posts on this forum but his examples are using windows. If you looked at my examples, you would see that in the case of roundup, it seems that the equation is completely ignored. I am only asking if there is an issue with roundup on the mac. How can I check if the function is working other than my example ?
  5. In the attached .afphoto I have a procedural texture formula that seems to do something when using round, but seems to fail when using roundup. I have reason to believe the formula works on Windows. I am running 1.9.3 of affinity photo, and latest version of Catalina. Also look at both uploaded images. Thank you, Jonathan Liss for dave hsl selection 2.afphoto
  6. Gabe, thank you. I validated your response. A more robust solution would be for AP to automatically recognize or display a save button on the meta data dialogue. In any event, I appreciate your work around. Thank you - Jonathan
  7. Version 1.9.1, MAC/Catalina - just editing meta data, say file information, will not get saved. Only gets saved if there is a subsequent modification to layers that allows for a file save.
  8. This "undocumented" so called feature is quite annoying, compounded by the fact that I can't seem to find documentation on the three fill commands from the edit menu. I bumped into this problem some time ago when "placing" an image from stock. It seems from my brief experimentation that the three fill commands do not work on image layers as a result of my investigating this behavior. To say the least the on line help/documentation generally, and in this case specifically, leaves a lot to be desired. As Leonard from Big Bang Theory states "Im the king of the nerds" and I read the documentation ....
  9. I have all three apps on my MAC/Catalina. Only publisher shows personas for photo and designer. Shouldn't photo and designer show personas for the other two apps ? Kindly look at the picture as I have snippet the toolbars from each app. How can I get photo to show designer/publisher and designer to show photo/publisher ? Thank you, Jonathan
  10. Hi, I too have been experiencing Acquire scan issues. I attached a pdf file, created in word, that hopefully captures enough of what I see to facilitate a root cause and subsequently a fix. While there are work arounds, the salient point of why I am reporting this is that something else may be broken and that this is just the tip of the iceberg. My_ability_to_acquire_scan_images_into_Affinity_Photo_on_my_MAC_has_stopped_working.pdf
  11. Chris, correct, and what I found interesting is that if you follow the steps in the youtube video I sent, it didn't crash, only one I did the one equation. Also, I tried to record the steps from the video and it didnt really work, could be operator error on my part.
  12. Not sure what additional information you want, I did read the page before I submitted the bug. I am not your paid system test person. I found this issue and it should be easily reproduce-able. Zoom in as far as you can, try to paint white or black on a mask and you will see that painting is erratic. Zoom out and it works. At what point the zoom threshold breaks down, I do not know. There is no workaround, except to painstakingly brush in all directions until the pixels take. I am using mouse, nothing unusual.
  13. On MAC 1.7.3 When trying to fine tune a mask (painting black or white) after zooming in at a significant amount, painting is not effective. Sometimes painting will only work in one brush direction. I have 32GB RAM Jonathan
  14. Repeatable. Use current layer as source. Check equations Set DR, DG, DB all to min(SR,SD,SB) Hit apply, then crash. Was trying to reproduce this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSAdBeYKoFY but only for the white equation. Jonathan
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