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  1. This is a colossal f***up on their part. The assumption that typsetters will never need to set a type in a direction other than L-R is bizarre. It means that, as soon as someone wants to make a Hagaddah or wants to quote Rumi in a book, they have to abandon the entire program back to InDesign. It means that, if you ever MIGHT use a r-l or top-bottom language, it's a mistake to use Affinity Publisher because of Adobe's toxic business model: if you stop paying them, you'll never again be able to make a text that includes even one word in r-l.
  2. FIXED. This was an OS update issue. The update had run, but I hadn't rebooted. I started to realize that other apps also couldn't save.
  3. When I export to PDF, I get nothing. Either I get the "Exporting" panel that then hangs at the end, or nothing happens. In the latter case, I can still select tools and the tips pop up at the bottom of the window, but I can't do anything. There's a lot of transparency in this doc, but that should be a pretty solved issue by now? File is attached. This is my first project with Designer. I did some exploratory small projects before this with the demo. Just paid, and now I gotta get this to print. Edit: Exporting to PSD has the same result. OSX High Sierra 10.13.6 MB
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