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  1. Its not a smartphone image its a map downloaded from bing maps then cropped to size in affinity photo..
  2. I have a long thin image. The first image shows the image in Affinity photo. When I put it into a pitcher frame of roughly the same dimensions it has been rotated as per the second image (the image has been scaled to show it has been rotated) After rotating the image back to the right way up the bottom has been cropped as per the third image. Pitcher frames properties are set to none, even when set to the other properties the same thing happens.
  3. I'm not going to list every one there is over 200 hundred. The windows font manager does show you which fonts you need to make sure you are in Icon view then click the font Icon, and you can just open the fonts file to see what fonts you have its under C://Windows/Fonts
  4. Other programmes like word are all on the same drive and they can read the Fonts it's just the Affinity programmes that don't.
  5. No they are not fonts Affinity dosent understand. As Affinity understood them when Affinity was also on the C drive.
  6. My fonts folder is on my C Drive and the Affinity products are all on a different drive is there a way to tell Affinity where my fonts are as none of them are showing in the choice of fonts I can use.
  7. It has something to do with the image. Dropping other similar images in to the frame worked fine. I have redrawn the image and that has now worked fine.
  8. The picture frame extends out to the bleed lines of the page all the way around.
  9. I have put a picture frame on a page and dropped an image into it but after adjusting part of the image is not appearing. first photo shows the image after being dropped in to the frame. second photo shows the complete image in affinity photo. second image shows image adjusted to fit the frame at the top but the bottom of the image is missing. I have set the frame back to default still does the same thing. Never had this happen before.
  10. I am trying to see how large my Picture Frames are so they are all the same size as one seems slightly different after resizing. In ID I can see these values in the properties panel. But can not see anywhere in publisher where these values are shown. Also, can you enter a numerical value to get the frame to the exact size I want?
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