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  1. Hi. I tried to print it once more and this time it seems like the colours are like they are supposed to be. Sorry to bother you. Kind regards, Anette
  2. Hi again. Yes it says something with the color profile when I open the file. I have made the file you requested. See attachment. Kind regards, Anette Sublimation Ink - Test Chart.afdesign
  3. Hi. Thanks for your response. The file is attached. Kind regards, Anette Sublimation Ink - Test Chart.tif
  4. Thanks for the reply! While evaluating this case, please look at the two attached documents in my original post. I'm following the attached guide from the ink vendor (I've tried asking them, but they asked me to reach out to you for further assistance) and using sRGB/8-bit and the ICC profile specific to the printer and ink I'm using. I've enclosed the ICC profile as well, so you can try it out for yourself on plain paper (this is for sublimation ink, so it'll probably look different on your regular CMYK printer, but it should still show up differently in the printed output from Photoshop and your application). I'm using a Relative Colourimetric rendering intent (as instructed) and have disabled driver specific color management. I've used vendor supplied instructions for both applications (and the same rendering intent from the ICC). Both test files look the same in their respective applications on my display. Is there anything obvious that I should double check that was not mentioned in the attached PDF instructions file that would affect my color work flow? Kind regards, Anette Windows_EpsonL382_TexPrintR.icm Affinity Designer 2019.pdf
  5. Hi!I bought Affinity Designer to use with sublimation. The problem is that the colours come out way to dark. See the photos. I have used the same printer with the same settings. Do you know why this happens and how i can fix it? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Anette IMG_20191112_0001.pdf IMG_20191112_0002.pdf
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