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  1. I just had the same problem. My problem was "Draw stroke behind". Had to switch it.
  2. I was just thinking that. With these primitive shapes, I might as well just redraw them. They are part of a larger design where I still kind of need a technique for blending out the white as transparent. I'll try that layer blend. Thank you!!
  3. @Komatös That still exports the white borders, which need to be transparent. @NotMyFault I did try your process, but kept getting lost in my stack. I would want it to remain vector, but it doesn't have to remain separate shapes. How would I do the Blend/Erase?
  4. I have designed myself into a corner that I can't figure out how to escape. I made a candle shape with thick lines that overlap in such a way that they obscure underlying shapes. It looks great with a white background, but I actually want the white lines to be transparent in the final export. I have tried expand stroke, but that just separates the white lines from the underlying shapes and using those as "cookie cutters" still doesn't yield what I want. Conceptually, a "flatten all to new curve" would do what I want (assuming I could specify to ignore white). I tried some fx masking, but still couldn't get there. Any thoughts on how to leave only the visible blue shapes in a new object?
  5. So do Photo and Designer! I had never noticed until I saw your post. Thank you Affinity for solving this problem.
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