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  1. OMG that is exactly it...Cmd+Return is such an ingrained habit (from PS and Illustrator) that I didn't consciously realize I was even doing it...thank you!
  2. When I create a text object (whether with art text, text frame or text on a path) I am unable to edit any of its attributes. Text attributes are greyed out when the object is selected. It seems that the text object is automatically converted to curves as I create it...at least each letter of my text is labeled as a "curve" in the layers panel (see attached image). Can't figure this one out. jp
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    Hello, I'm Jacob Perl, Graphics Director at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, CA. I'm also a freelance web designer and photographer with a studio in downtown Monterey. I have a lot of experience with Photoshop and Lightroom, and marginal experience with Illustrator...the "marginal" part is for a reason and why I'm hoping Affinity will make me love working with illustration software :) Glad to be here!

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