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  1. DXF export still not supported after 5 years of users requesting this basic functionality. When I bought AD I assumed that DXF export would (of course) be supported, since it is one of the most widely used line-drawing (vector) formats and every vector program has it build-in. I wanted to use AD for creating non-cad drawings for my laser cutting machine... As with most CNC machines, it reads the DXF format preferably. I was rather disappointed to see that AD did not have DXF export, resulting in having to use other software for the translation from SVG to DXF.. with all kinds of scaling mishaps as a result. PLEASE make an update (I would gladly pay) for AD that supports DXF!
  2. Yes I know.. it;s 2019 now.. but I have just downloaded AD and the first thing i wanted to do is join two nodes.. AND IT CAN NOT BE DONE.. according to this post and all of its answers. Not in 2015 and STILL NOT IN 2019... I can not believe that this super basic functionality has never been implemented. To me this is the kind of issues that might convince me NOT to buy this software that is looking very promising... I do hope that this issue has been resolved by now and that somebody can tell me how to do it... because .. I may have 20 years of experience in AI and Coreldraw and Inkscape... but I only have 2 minutes of experience using AD. Please help!! Thanks!
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