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  1. Regretting my purchase of Affinity Designer, which I made back when arrowheads seemed to be just around the corner. Now it somehow feels like everything I need to draw includes a bunch of pointers. Deeply disappointed.
  2. Delighted to hear that arrowheads are coming soon. To trial Designer I tried replicating a schematic diagram that I originally produced in AI. I found the icons to be significantly quicker & easier to draw in Designer, but then came completely unstuck with the arrows. I downloaded the post #16 brushes and tried my own post #20 pressure profile. However, with each, I ended up with variable size arrow heads & spent so long tweaking to try to get them uniform that pasting in triangles individually would have been quicker. If there’s a beta with arrowheads available, I’d love to join it. For me also, rapidly deployable arrowheads on curves are essential.

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