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  1. To all who like me would dearly love to see the Fuji Film Simulations available in the" Develop Persona" ~ I have found a workaround or two for a way to apply the fuji film simulations. I have a fuji camera and I have installed Capture 21 Express (Free for Fuji users) You can use the excellent Capture 21 Raw file developer and then apply your desired Fuji Film Simulation (Classic Chrome for example). Then straight away Export the file as a Tiff to Affinity. You can use a menu in Capture 21 (Edit with external program and select Affinity Photo. Then I can edit as desired in Photo persona. You can also do a similar proceedure by using the Fuji Raw Converter (Again a free software application) apply the desired Film Sim and export. Now open the saved file in Affinity Photo. There are also some LUT's available if you search on the web for Free Fuji Film Simulations try this by Stuart Sowerby https://blog.sowerby.me/fuji-film-simulation-profiles/ I have installed these LUT's and in the absence of anything else you can apply to any image in the Photo Persona. Furthermore I would be prepared to pay for a Fuji Film Sim "Add on Pack" if Affinity can manange to do a good job on these. Say 10 to 15 £ $ or Euros. But after waiting this long I won't hold my breath on this happening.
  2. Hello ~ For anyone who is interested I have managed to create an "Add Border Macro" that seems to work fine. You can create multiple border Macros (Various border widths) First go to Studio view and check the Macro option. The Macro panel appears. Add new macro and Record the following actions. 1. Select ~ Select All (Ctrl A in windows) 2. Then ~ Select > Outline 3. A Box will appear and now select from the options "Inside" 4. In the PIXELS box add what width you want the border to be eg 10px 5. Click Apply 6. Now .. Edit > Fill with Primary colour (Which makes the border White) (Secondary Colour is Black) 7. Now press the ESC key (In windows) not sure for a Mac 8. Now ~ STOP recording and Name the Macro as ~ Border 10px Job done ~ Items in bold are on the Menu Bar. You can create multiple variations of this eg 10px border 20px border etc. Maybe 20px Border RED or Blue etc. Works fine for me.
  3. At my local camera club demos in "Photoshop" to correct colour using Nuetral Grey seemed good to me. I have a tutorial found on the internet I am good up to step 7 but struggle after that. I am trying to do this in Affinity but need a bit of help. I am fairly new to using editing software. Any help with explicit instructions would be greatly appreciated. See link below https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/neutral-gray/
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