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  1. Since I've installed all my customisations have disappeared, twice. After it happened the first time I put some back, like customising the tools and adding the library view to my workspace, plus adding some plugins. But today it's happened again, everything has gone back to factory defaults. Is there a way to recover this?
  2. I'm not a gamer so I know little about GPUs, but I use AP a lot and for some operations like inpainting and HDR stacking it's quite slow. It can also get a bit slow to react sometimes when I'm manipulating adjustment layers. I'm running Windows 10, have 16GB RAM which rarely goes above 60% use even when AP is at it's maximum churning and have an SSD installed. With the 1.9 update is it worth me investing in a GPU, say <£100. ??
  3. I have made an HDR merge of 5 raw files and done a number of changes in tone Mapping. I'm now in the photo persona and making some additional changes, but every time I try to apply the Haze Removal filter AP crashes. I have attached my saved .afphoto file and I can re-create this problem by simply loading this file and applying the haze removal filter to my pixel layer . Bang, gone. I'm on Windows 10.0 Build 19041 AF Version Thank You snowscape.afphoto
  4. In the Develop persona I use "Detail Refinement" to increase the sharpness of my photo, but when I switch to the Photo persona much of this sharpness seems to disappear and I end up using the "Unsharp Mask" to bring it back up again. Am I doing something wrong?
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