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  1. Hi, as already at version 1, and also now with V2 I have frequently crashes, view a day, in special when I add graphics and want to align or resize them. I started to save many times with different versions to avoid data lost. Sadly, the Software was running for view days without crashes what makes me not saving multiple version after some minutes of work. And here we go, I lost now hours of hard research work again and ended up with a file I cannot open anymore. Can you try to fix the file for me, especially from page 465 to 475 would be very important. I'm so sad with Affinity I cannot tell you, with the version 1 I lost many days of work with the same issue I face now, and you guys was not be able to recover my file. I hope I'm more lucky this time. I run V2.1.1 on a Mac Air 15" M2 - MAC OS 13.4.1 (c) (22F770830e) thanks Edi Edis Techlab_Heimautomation und Elektroni_Aug23_V11.afpub
  2. Hi, I just opened the file and tried to change something and it did not crashed too. Then I opened a second file because when It crashed I had the main file open as well, but again, no crash. It's very strange and it seems to work now again. Before I could reproduce the crash a couple of time. Do you have any suggestion when this happen again (It happened already view times) what I specially should take care or monitor to find this issue? Maybe a other app is coursing this issue. many thanks Edi
  3. Hi SPaceBar, I have one main Document and from there I extracted some chapters and I have then on multiple documents an issue. I uploaded the latest Document where I just had the issue. many thanks for your support.
  4. Hi, since I updated to Publisher 1.9 I have non-stop crashes when I save a file. I add bellow the error codes. thanks Thomas Crashes-on-save.pdf
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