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  1. You are assuming these are well-made logos lol. The one I'm working with, at least, was made using the default textured brush in Illustrator. I can't manually trace all of those little edges and textures, and I'm not going to modify their logo for my convenience and taste. We are all professionals here. We all know that we are capable of recreating logos that support it. These tools are useful in situations that are less than ideal, where we need stuff as vector but don't have the time/resources or for a variety of reasons cannot simply recreate the logo/work.
  2. This is just so frustrating. I have generally been enjoying my time with the Affinity Suite, and Publisher especially is killer software, but missing features like this really make things super difficult to get work done, when Adobe has them and they work. Sometimes we have to work with graphics we get from outside organizations, and we have no control over quality. Like right now, I have a logo I need to put on a vehicle wrap that's simply a JPG file with a white background. I need to vectorize it and make the whole thing white, so it pops against the colored wrap. And I can't, because t
  3. Also had this issue. Was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why it happened. I had simply clicked Artistic Text, clicked inside my artboard, and started typing. Deleted it, tried again, same issue. Closed the file, re-opened, tried again, same issue. Would not stop happening until I followed @Sean P's steps above. Has to be a bug. I don't know how it could be "working as expected" when the Character pane clearly shows no background is applied to the text. Edit: I'm on Mac, so it's an issue there, too.
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