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  1. @Sean P Doesn't seem to work for me, see attached. @Joachim_L I don't have publisher, but I do have Photo 2019-12-02_20-27-04.mp4
  2. Only one specific file, as far as I can tell. I just ended up moving everything to a new file which wasn't too easy. concepts_broke.afdesign
  3. I tried restarting and reloading the file, and now it's even worse- the text doesn't show up at all despite it being fully opaque, and set to a bright color.
  4. It seems no matter what I try, I can't remove the background color behind any new text I create with the artistic or frame text tools. There's no styles applied, and no 'background color' set on either.
  5. I agree that scrubby zoom snapping to 50% and 100% gets very annoying when using a pen. An option to turn it off would be phenomenal.

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