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  1. Thanks for the reply. It was indeed an issue with copying groups that included symbols. Once I detached symbols, copying between projects worked
  2. I figured this one out. The exports seems to the be correct dimensions. But upon opening/import the exported EPS in Affinity Designer, the dimensions change to a proportional, yet small file. As there seems to be no way to check dimensions on the iPad EPS file, I continued to open the file over and over before realizing my initial export was at the correct dimension. I am using this workflow to upload EPS files from my iPad to adobe stock. Thanks. Will upload video later
  3. Affinity designer crashes every time I try copy and paste between documents.
  4. After repeated tries to export my file to EPS, I have not been able to get an EPS export that is the same size as my art board or original document.
  5. Easier access to Layer options through with a swipe or tap would be great. I would love to have something similar to the Procreate when tapping layer. But to begin with, I really need a quicker option to rename my layer. Currently renaming layers is very hidden.
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