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  1. Hi Chris B. Along with greeting you, I comment that I do not use the hibernation mode or the sleep mode. My laptop is always running and when I stop using it, I simply turn it off. Today, for example, I had to double click on the Affinity Photo executable since the first time it started to open but when it came to the moment to open a new document or some work done previously, it closed immediately and on the second attempt it was placed in functioning. I also tell you that before I had it installed on a second SSD drive and now I tried to install it on drive C: / which is also an SSD and the same fault occurs. This did not happen to me before and I have been using Affinity Photo for several years. Best regards Nota: Perdón por mi inglés, está traducido por el traductor de google
  2. Hi. Exactly the same happens to me and it is more, it also happens to me in Affinity Designer. The software opens but closes immediately and when it manages to open it remains stuck trying to open a recent file. I had to reinstall affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and the problem is fixed but in a couple of days it starts to fail again. This started to happen to me after the last update ... what could it be? ... I urgently need to solve this since I use these software for my work. Best regards Note: Sorry for my English, it is translated by google translator

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