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  1. Follow up to my previous post - seems you don't need to swap windows at all. Have only Affinity Photo open, with a photo to zoom into, and no other windows running. Alt+Tab appears to do nothing because there are no other windows to switch to - but it kills most of the keyboard shortcuts in AP.
  2. Hi Chris, I've done a bit more testing and it is nothing to do with round-tripping between Lightroom and Affinity Photo. It is all to do with switching between windows with Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut. If I have Photo open and Designer open, both are working with keyboard shortcuts - but if I switch between them several times using Alt+Tab then both Photo and Designer lose their keyboard shortcuts. Seems that the Affinity programs don't like the way Windows switches between windows using that keyboard shortcut. If you switch between them using mouse click on the taskbar icons, or directly on the windows themselves (when not full screen) then keyboard shortcuts are unaffected.
  3. Hi Chris B, Made no difference. Just one of those weird glitches I guess. If I use the taskbar to switch between apps than all is good. So as long as I avoid Alt+Tab to switch back then I'm fine.
  4. I found that the same problem occurs when going from Lightroom to Affinity Photo round trip. Further trial and error I found that the problem only happens when using Alt+Tab to switch from AP to Capture One (or Lightroom). If I switch back using the Taskbar then there is no problem.
  5. I've recently started using round trip editing from Capture One Pro (12) to Affinity Photo and have found that AP loses most of the keyboard shortcuts after the first photo. Workflow - edit photo in C1 then Edit With AP - C1 creates PDF and passes it off to AP - AP is not open at this point - AP opens and all keyboard shortcuts work. Save PDF and close file but not AP. Edit another photo in C1, pass it off to AP and most keyboard shortcuts no longer work. The spacebar for switching to the hand tool to move around a zoomed-in photo works but none of the others. Windows 10 fully updated. C1 fully updated. AP fully updated. I have this problem on 2 different computers.
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