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  1. feel free to take control and examine yourself iam not computer savy and all double dutch all iam trying to do is set up affinity to work with my sublimation printer maybe photoshop be better
  2. that's what iam saying its not opening correctly in my affinity designer I cant even get a black text only dark blue at most so something is wrong ..and I cant send file as its too large it says
  3. second one is the file and not a screen shot
  4. red image is how it should be purple image is how affinity showing it...
  5. iam using affinity designer on a windows computer its an image I have as a jpeg or a png..apparently its a glitch with affinity and muting colours
  6. moon_lady12

    Muted Screen colours

    this is happening to me its frustrating had someone fiddle with settings etc but no different help would be appreciated asap..
  7. can some one help my computer screen isn't showing the true colours of an image I placed in affinity and I am a dummy and need help