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  1. Does anyone know the dimensions to setup your childrens picture book to export to PDF for Kindle Direct Publishing? a pdf that can be imported into Kindle Childrens book creator and add pop ups and will hyperlinks stay live in the pdf when imported into kindles childrens book creator thanks in advance this forum rocks
  2. hopefull those will show u 1 how close to blue page border is safe 2 and the bleed border can i just go over the bleed line or is it better to extend to full bleed i think u answered its ok if they just go over... (most of my pages have ful coverage)
  3. Does anyone know when using publisher to send to a off set printing.... should you size the images all the way to the bleed line or can i just make sure they go over the first bleed guideline.. and is it bad to have images close to the page border - i have a .25 border
  4. if i can see my text is not overflowing in my text frames do i need to adjust every one? before i export to PDF?
  5. included is a picture can u please tell me what that character is and how i activated it