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  1. Symbols was what I wanted! I created copies of a shape but they really all represent the same thing. So I too tried to batch resize. So, this was a case of learning by fire rather than having fully learned all the features and capabilities first.
  2. Well, I have to say I just came along for the ride recently and had no expectation of a DAM, I mostly was happy to find easier to use versions of InDesig/Photoshop/illustrator tools with a traditional versioned licensing model. Cant speak to the support offered. I’m ok with AP being just a replacement for PS.... that’s the idea. But certainly the demise of Aperture is the turning point on the DAM front. i checked out dark table and felt like it was too sluggish, though maybe the right features... photoSupreme didn’t seem to meet my needs well... not seem less enough with workflow. i want something fast that I can move through a collection, tag/rate, quick adjust and crop. Then gather up those into some named bundle(preferably a ‘smart album’ and either export in bulk, or edit in external editor AND ideally have the DAM maintain versions. You know, Aperture thanks for all the input so far still looking through my list......
  3. Ok, so I've gone further into checking on my options here, haven't found a definitive suggestion yet as to what might be best. I still fire up Aperture for now (suffering the "This app will not be supported in future (>10.14) versions of OS X") Here's what I've come up with so far: --- Mac OS X options -- iMatch I realized is Windows only. This is what I use and like about Aperture: - Organization - ingest photos, store in contained library - organize into virtual folders/collections etc.... - Rate - Add Keywords - Crop - Brush edits (blur / burn & dodge / clone) downloaded Photo Supreme -- not impressed yet... seems too sluggish although most of the features as above.... others as below. Have most settled on LR here? ACDC Photo Studio for Mac 5 -- $35 Photo Mechanic 6 - $139 Capture One Pro 12 - $299 Luminar 3 (v4 2019 release?) - $99 I'll reference here for further discussion as well Thanks! -- MBPr Early 2015 - 13" 3.1Ghz 16GB RAM 2TB NVMe SSD
  4. I wanted to follow up on this thread I just got the Trinity! As a non professional editor but someone who does odd jobs that require /Photoshop/InDesign/illustrator/ and have had access to DS packages up to 5.5 I'm frustrated by the Adobe model So Serif to the rescue! I have a huge backlog of project files to open/edit/convert and Organize! What's the DAM status? I crazily still use Aperture but am recognizing that's not tenable and also is limited to just photos.... What about other media like designer/illustrator style files Should I look to Serif at all or is it a distraction from intended core competencies. Is this photo supreme really worth it? I want to find something that is feature rich but ultimately just focused on core features (organization/basic processing/tagging) more that anything else. I have tended to keep photos in the aperture bundle which I'm sure some frown upon.... Does photo supreme (or another recommended) offer just database organization of filesystem photos(eg just accessing the photos in folders) but also keep those things organized---eg if I move something in the program, will it move in the filesystem? Thanks all!!!
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