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  1. Thanks Jon, that's perfectly clear. After reassigning a few duplicate styles from the document you sent me, all seems to be working just fine. Thanks again for your swift responses.
  2. Sorry, I meant I can paste into p9 or p10 without problems. Page 11 is the broken one, though the problem has hopped around a few times between different pages since yesterday.
  3. The document now saves just fine, but the pasting problem persists. If I try flowing the overset text on page 8 into page 11, the text goes in, but is invisible. I can only select it by selecting the end of the text in page 8, then using [Shift]-[right arrow] to progressively highlight what's on p11. I can paste into page 9 or 11 without problems. If there were a temporary workaround I'd be happy to recreate the document from scratch on this occasion, but I guess we don't yet know what that workaround might be? I'd be happy to spend a few hours or so trying things out if that helps...
  4. Many thanks Jon - I'll give this file a try. I've created this particular document purely as a learning exercise to teach myself Publisher, and picked it because it requires quite a few different techniques to complete (multiple masters, nested tables, ToC, inline images, drop caps, bulleted lists and Initial Words). To answer your questions, I quite often duplicate and modify master pages. This document is probably the first time I've needed to assign one master page type to the right-hand page and a different one to the left-hand page, but I don't imagine it's an uncommon requirement. Most of the text within this document is being pasted in from a source PDF in small blocks, though for most projects I'd tend to place entire Word files. I'll report back if the document breaks again.
  5. Thanks Jon - now uploaded.
  6. Actually, it now crashes when I try to make ANY edits.
  7. A similar crashing problem has now appeared, which may be related. I initially discovered a problem when trying to flow overset text from one page to the next, whereby the 'flowed' text would appear invisible on the page, but could still be selected and copied. I then discovered that I could still flow into text into any even page, but the problem always appeared in odd-numbered pages. Also, when hovering the text flow tool over the odd-numbered pages, the interior of the text frame failed to turn blue, presumably indicating that it was not ready to accept text. Anyway, assuming I'd done something wrong, I tried deleting the text frames in my master pages (intending to re-create them), but now the document crashes every time I delete the master text frame and try to save. If I re-open the document all is well, until I try to delete the frame again...
  8. That's really helpful Jon - thanks. I'm pretty sure the document was created in 1.7.2, as I only started using Publisher a few weeks ago and don't think any updates have been applied. I'll be sure to post here if I get any further issues that might help to pinpoint the problem.
  9. Many thanks Jon - now uploaded.
  10. I've just tried Beta - and it doesn't help. I only bought the Affinity suite a few weeks ago and this is only my second document. I was SO enthused with the software and happy to ditch Adobe CS at long last, but now I'm nervous to try recreating my problem document from scratch in case I lose all my work.
  11. After working on a document for a few days, I can no longer save the document (or Save As...) without the application crashing. The problem is 100% repeatable and is the same on both my iMac and MacBook Pro. I can create new documents or open and re-save other documents without problem. The occurrence of the problem roughly coincides with installing two new fonts for use in the document, so could perhaps be related to that. The 40-page document only comprises a page of text so far, plus a couple of tables, an Affinity Photo cover image and four master pages. I can provide the offending (22MB) document on request, and have attached the crash log. I'm on Mojave 10.14.6. Crash log.txt