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  1. Thank you all for great feedback, advice and encouragement ! I hope to start contributing to this forum more as I learn. best, ms
  2. I am completely new to Publisher, and would appreciate advice on some basic questions. Last year I made my first photobook using one of the online services, and I was not happy with the online process, the overall sharpness and quality of the final product. Therefore, I got Publisher, in order to have more control of the design. The questions are: (1) Is there a tutorial specifically for creating photobooks ? (2) Any recommendation for a print house in US ( West Coast ) ? (3) Some print houses publish recommendations for print-ready PDFs, like: https://www.blurb.com/make/pdf_to_book/booksize_calculator#safe-text with details such as “trim line” , “bleed” , “inset for margins”. I am not sure how would I translate these into Publisher options ? (4) My workflow is: (a) Scan a slide. (b) Post-proceesing in Affinity Photo ( sharpening, etc… ) (c) Layout in Publisher In (a), I scan at full resolution ( 400dpi ), and save as TIFF, for example 3840 x 5760 pixels. In (b), for image resizing, I select File/Export/JPEG/“Bilinear”/Quality=100, and new size, for example 1920 x 2880. In (c), I arrange JPGs into book layout. Any comments/suggestons/recommendations on the above workflow ? (5) So in Publisher, I can also do resizing by manually stretching the TIFF. But this manual resizing does not specify type of resampling, so I am thinking that the resampling in (b) is of better quality - is this correct ? (6) In (b), I start with an original image at convenient size ( 3840 x 5760 ), so resampling at factors 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 produces images at target sizes which are exactly proportional: 3840 x 5760 / 2.0 1920 x 2880 3840 x 5760 / 3.0 1280 x 1920 …etc... So if in Publisher, I do manual resizing, the resizing factor would most likely include a fractional part, say 2.17. The question is: does resizing by an integer factor ( 2x ) produce better ( meaning sharper ) image compared to resizing by a real factor ( 2.17x ) ? Sorry for such a basic questions, and thanks for all comments and feedback, regards, mshumski