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  1. So, here we are, in 1.10 and almost two years after the bug was reported by me and logged with the developers… but it’s still there of course. I love you too much to care, but hey, it really takes quite a big part of fun of using my favourite app from me ☹️
  2. Just to keep you posted - happy 1.9! And sad autocorrect
  3. Just happily updated to 1.8.4. My favourite bug is still not fixed, despite of developers being aware of it and having it logged ten months ago. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  4. Well, after half a year and two big update releases I’m sorry to say that the issue is still there. I just updated to 1.8.3, and just like after updating to 1.8.2, 1.8.0 and 1.7.3 first thing I did Was checking text. I actually got used to the red squiggly, which assists me in every artwork, and sometimes I catch myself treating this angry red as one of project’s palette element which I have to match other colors to… 😭 This of course unfortunately doesn’t work since defaults in Designer for iPad does not contain information if “Check spelling” box is checked or not, but thanks for your help. Hope to see my exotic language as orthographically correct soon… 🤪 Thanks!
  5. Well, for me after latest updates bug is already fixed 😇 Hope it will work for you too GMC462, I’m absolutely sure you didn’t waste those $20 after all
  6. Hello! I’d love to make the report more precise but actually all I’m sure of is included in the title ☹️. I use Designer on iPadOS 13.4 (currently on beta, but the problem had been there before it’s release), app version 1.7.3. App crashes during writing, when deselecting text tool (both art and frame), when changing text attributes, whenever during using text actually. I tried really hard to find the specific path leading to crash but I couldn’t. Tried reinstalling app. The crash is so often for me that I was sure somebody have already reported it but as I see I am alone, so my only idea is that the bug is connected with my language settings - my device language is Polish which Designer doesn’t support (and I have another problem with that, which I reported before, unfortunately still unfixed: Link) Thanks in advance!
  7. I use quite an exotic language on my devices - Polish - which belongs to the quite large group of languages unsupported by Affinity. That wouldn’t actually be a problem for me if not the auto-correction feature - which is not synchronized with the system-wide auto-correction, because my system language is Polish and when using text tools Affinity always mark all my Polish words as wrong . And again that wouldn’t be a problem (until I do some orthographic mistake) because auto-correction can be easily switched off in text tool settings (Check spelling while typing) but the problem is: if I turn it off in one document, it reverts back on when I close the document and enter it, or any other again. So the result is: always when I enter a document with text I’m welcomed by unfriendly red squiggly (unless I design something English) I tried using both “English” and “Default” setting in language option in Designer’s settings. Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-26 o 22.23.47
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