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  1. Yargon_Kerman

    Phantom Tab in tables

    Hi, Sorry i have managed to fix the error somewhere along the line, and do not have an old copy of the project with the bug still around. Not sure when it ended up getting fixed, I copy-pasted an edited another table to circumvent it and it is no longer doing it on new tables
  2. Yargon_Kerman

    Phantom Tab in tables

    Just checked, It's doing this on all of the columns that aren't right aligned. (center and left aligned do this, changing to left or center aligned, also makes them do this)
  3. For some reason this table has a phantom indent that i can't seem to remove, and didn't add, at the start of every row on the first column. Here's what i mean: https://gyazo.com/a574d79caa84235840f5bf4d5dec68dd don't know why it's doing this,
  4. Hi, I'm afraid i cannot legally upload the document, but i don't think it would help anyway, as i have managed to fix the issue and cannot recreate it. The issue i was having was that as soon as i would let go of the image (after moving it) it would revert to its original position.
  5. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I've uploaded a document with the exact table. Adding or removing a row seems to cause the issue. I also checked, the "Cost" and "Damage" cells do remain merged,
  6. Title says it all, by deleting rows in a table, it resets the text alignment for every cell. Example: https://gyazo.com/6aae4cce7a34f77c963d131274fbf28c
  7. I have a floating image pinned to some text, it has a text wrap on it. When i place the image it's fine, but as soon as i placed the pin for the floating, this happened: https://gyazo.com/f8417eea4494de1ef7d10516673f06fb Removing the pin and placing it again seems to fix this after a few tries. This issue has happened more than once with the same image copied and pinned with different text, but not always.

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