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  1. Thanks Pšenda, it‘s a workaround … it sometimes feels like in the early days of Illustrator … I hope I still work when AD is ready No joke … in so many fields it's so modern and I love it. I hope I soon can replace AI.
  2. I'm reworking an illustration. on the lower layer is the original shape. the layer is locked. I am working on a copied version on the layer above. It has now happened several times that I accidentally caught the lower shape while working on the points and curves and was able to change it ... EVEN THOUGH the layer is locked! How can that be?
  3. misunderstanding … I imported the Illustration from AI via pdf. I work on it in AD. What you see in the images is that I try to copy parts of an compound shape from one layer to another within AD (i.e. because I deleted them in an early stage of my work). Even when I copy only the little form (as you see activated in img-2) it pastes the whole form and not only the small part of it. I don‘t unserstand this behaviour. I can delete points, move points … but not copy-paste them. I was used to do things like this in AI very often … I hope, sooner or later, I no longer need any workaround (like copy the shape on a extra layer, devide it and copy-paste it from there).
  4. Good evening community, I work over an illustration (I have to simplify it). It‘s a form which is imported and what in AI is called a compund shape. The original Illustration is on layer-1 (in blue) … im working on the red copy. I missed or deleted some forms in the progress of my work. I‘m used to get it back from the original (in AI) by copy/paste … aktivated parts and points of a compund shape. i also use very often parts to dublicate within this form. Problem: Affinity designer pastes not only the selected points but the whole shape. Is there something I didn’t find or does it really not work? Is there a workaround?
  5. Thanks! You cannot image how hard I missed this. For anyone else: you have to hold down the control-Key for moving the object but finally it works also with any othe corner point. Juhu!
  6. Dear fellows, I'm an illustrator user for more than 20 years. I now try to figure out how to draw in Affinity designer as precicely as I’m used to … honestly, it feels like the early days of Illustrator, (waiting decades for features, always looking for workarounds for the easiest tasks). This time I built some free forms i.e. with the boolean functions. I then try to align a new forms center magnetically to a point which lies NOT on the outer side of the existing form … I can‘t!?! Does anyone know how to do this (without a helping 3rd form like a rectangle or any other anoying workaround). See image. Kindest regards, freddy
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