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  1. Thanks! You cannot image how hard I missed this. For anyone else: you have to hold down the control-Key for moving the object but finally it works also with any othe corner point. Juhu!
  2. Dear fellows, I'm an illustrator user for more than 20 years. I now try to figure out how to draw in Affinity designer as precicely as I’m used to … honestly, it feels like the early days of Illustrator, (waiting decades for features, always looking for workarounds for the easiest tasks). This time I built some free forms i.e. with the boolean functions. I then try to align a new forms center magnetically to a point which lies NOT on the outer side of the existing form … I can‘t!?! Does anyone know how to do this (without a helping 3rd form like a rectangle or any other anoying workaround). See image. Kindest regards, freddy
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