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  1. As an amateur webmaster, I was appalled at the quality of the images exported from Affinity for use on the web Without going into the detail that others have used. If I export images from Affinity to the same file size as the export from PS, they are absolutely unusable on the web.
  2. Thanks, Lee D. I changed the Renderer from NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M to Default (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 and Photo allowed me to set up a new file and also to open an existing plain vanilla jpg image. Now I can finally get on with learning the program. I have purchased all three Affinity programs to replace my aged Adobe CS4 programs that are getting increasingly cranky running on Windows 10. My usual MO when learning a new program is to use it for an actual project, but Photo stopped me in my tracks and I had to revert to Adobe to get it done. I am the little old lady "graphic designer", "webmistress", and the only person in out all volunteer nonprofit who does not believe that a computer is just a typewriter with a screen. I was feeling even more inadequate than usual when I couldn't even get the program to stay open. (I regard it as a personal failure when I have to contact tech support.) Nothing personal, but hopefully we will not have to become BFFs . Thanks again. Marj
  3. New user trying to running Photo on Windows 10 Dell Desktop. Every time I open the program, it seems to open just fine, but if I try to import a file or start a new document, it just closes without doing anything. I loaded the same version on my Surface Pro 6 running Windows 10 and it seems to be able to load the same pictures just fine, but I don't want to work on a postage stamp. I tried reinstalling Photo on the desktop but it did not make any difference. I tried running it as administrator, but that did not make any difference. Both Publisher and Designer seem to allow me to actually use them. Photo does not. How can I fix this? SetupUI.log Setup.log

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