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  1. Edwin van der Elst

    Affinity Photo Crashes

    Maybe he hit another problem and I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I have experienced myself crashes performing various actions. Without Metal, all works fine. I'm a software engineer myself. I'm pretty convinced metal has something to do with the crashes.
  2. Edwin van der Elst

    Affinity Photo Crashes

    I suspect this issue: I have seen multiple post about crashes with Metal enabled (for me, AP crashes very often with Metal enabled. Haven't had a crash with OpenGL. ) The crash was reproduced with the file attached to my earlier post.
  3. Edwin van der Elst

    Affinity Photo Crashes

    Turn of metal in performance settings. With OpenGL it is more stable. This is a confirmed bug.
  4. Edwin van der Elst

    Crash in 1.7.3

    This is the document, I was drawing inside the mask layer under the clarity layer. Although it didn't crash today when I perform the same actions. I am using Metal, I can disable that for a while and see if it is more stable (I will be processing a lot of photo's the next few evenings) marmot.afphoto.zip
  5. Edwin van der Elst

    Crash in 1.7.3

    I had a crash in Affinity Photo 1.7.3 (after 5 minutes after installation). Fairly simple project: - background - live filter clarity with mask - painting in mask crashes AP Crash report attached. crash_1.7.3.rtf
  6. Edwin van der Elst

    Crash in 1.7.2

    I did see that I have a white balance adjustment layer in the image. I saw a related post that this might be the cause.
  7. Edwin van der Elst

    Crash in 1.7.2

    I have had 3 crashes since the 1.7.2 upgrade. I attached the OSX crash report. Meanwile, is it possible to revert to 1.7.1 ? crash.rtf

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