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  1. @v_kyr Okay thanks for explanation, I see what you mean after saving it and reopening it. I need to try and get the same blue effect using something Affinity does support then
  2. @v_kyr - that make sense Any way all fixed now as just need gausian blue radius changing from 2.5px to 25px as per Palatino reply, and the images now look same in Affinity as they do in Boxy and Inkscape
  3. Thank you Palatino - changing it from 2.5 to 25 works fine
  4. In your image above you seem to have the blue affect looking okay in Affinity when compared to my post - how?
  5. Okay that make sense. as a newcomer to Affinity I am surprised they don't support it fully?, I thought the whole point of the product was to be the best at what it does? Seems odd that Boxy SVG (https://boxy-svg.com/) an app which can be bought for under £10 can do it, but Serif can't. Shame as I like everything else about it, and would be ready to spend some money if this worked better
  6. Okay thanks for the information. Hopefully one day Affinity will support Inkscape generated SVG files, since it is probably one of the most common sources of files
  7. Yes, tried export but still same issue when opened in Affinity
  8. Okay thanks for reply, I hope it can one day support it, as out of all the editing apps I have been testing I do prefer Affinity, and if this was working would be ready to purchase. Several apps seem to suffer with same problem such as Xara, the only apps which open it okay so far are Inkscape and Boxy SVG.
  9. P.S. Ignore the line thickness on the triangle - that is not a problem, just be posting wrong image!!
  10. Yes the main issue is the radial transparency highlighting Please find the SVG file attached Thanks for your reply affinity.svg
  11. Can someone tell me why my SVG file doesn't look correct in Affinity but fine in other apps? Best explained by way of attached image - top is how SVG should look, bottom is how it looks in Affinity Thanks