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  1. You solved the problem I was having. I have the ios12 assets back. Thank you!
  2. Using 1.7.3. Affinity Designer I inadvertently deleted/removed the ios objects that were installed by default at the time of my new installation of Affinity Designer. These ios objects were stored in my Assets Panel. Is there a way to retrieve these ios objects and put them back on my Assets Panel. I'm a newbie so please give me 'baby-steps' instructions if this can be done. Thanks
  3. Dan C Your instructions worked perfectly. With your help, I now have a print-out of the table format of the Shortcuts Thanks......
  4. Dan C, I changed my forum username as you recommended. Thanks You recommended the online help file of the traditional table format of the Keyboard Shortcuts. That DOES print-out with the icons showing (instead of being totally missing) the way I was looking for it to print, however, for some strange (to me) reason, I can get it to print ONLY one page (the 1st page) of the about 9 or 10 pages of the full Shortcuts. That ‘only one page’ printing problem will likely be due to my lack of computer skills knowledge rather than an Affinity concern, but after much time trying to print the entire pages of Shortcuts, I still haven’t been able to get all of the pages to print. The ‘cheat sheet’ keyboard template that you provided a link prints-out just perfect (thanks), but I still need the traditional table version. Thanks for all the help you can recommend
  5. Using 1.7.3 Affinity Designer I am a newbie to Affinity Designer and struggling to learn how to use it. I need to print-out a list of Keyboard Shortcuts from the Affinity Designer reference manual found at Help (F1). I can print the list of Keyboard Shortcuts but words (or maybe it’s symbols) such as Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Return (and many more), do not print. I can see the words or symbols on the screen but they are missing from the printed hard-copy. I suspect I am missing some fonts (or what ?) that is needed to print all these words or symbols. Can someone point me in the right direction to solving this problem? Thanks, John B. Windham
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