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  1. To Thomaso: Is there any reason you add it to the application package file instead to the according preference folders? ~/Library/Spelling/... ~/Library/Dictionaries/... Could not find above location only Programma's/Affinity Photo/Contents/Resources/Dictionaries So I would close this topic (Het is genoeg). Changing the language of the UI (and help, etc) to Dutch (not possible as mentioned by Walt Farrell) will probably not happen due to the small number of Dutch speaking users.
  2. @ Patrick Conner Do you mean the software user interface in Dutch or spell checking of text you create? Answer: Both @Alfred Mojave is the latest version of macOS. I think the reference to iOS was a slip of the ‘pen’. Yes, I meant the Operating System Mojave for the iMac desktop computer Selecting the program, showing Package content and adding nl-NL dictionary to Affinity Photo | Contents | Resources | Dictionaries did not mean Dutch appeared in Affinity Photo Preferences | General | Language. Fooling the program by changing the contents of for instance hyph_de_DE.dic by hyph_nl_NL.dic also did not work. The dutch dictionary files were the same (Windows only?) files as Walt Farrell put in the link to a ZIP file in his post of 7 July
  3. Can you install the Dutch language pack of Affinity programs on iOS (Mojave)? And if so, how?
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